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Cresittel began its journey in 2009 as a pioneer developer of proprietary Human Resource and business support software in Cambodia.

Today, we help our clients create digital products and optimize existing platforms to generate perceptible gains throughout their organization. Through our work we have enabled businesses in Cambodia to enhance customer experiences, automate internal workflows and harness the power of data.

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Cresittel works with many enterprises in rapidly developing markets to embrace and facilitate successful digital transformation.

Most companies decide to invest in digital, but many face challenges of implementing new processes and integrating new systems with existing ones. We have consistently stayed on a path to study and share our knowledge of best practices in Digital Transformation holistically throughout entire organizations

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Our team has been at the forefront of digital innovations and continues to develop talent with assistance from world-leading specialists in Software Engineering, Business Process Automation, Data Science and Customer Experience design.

Coming from ICT economies of Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Nepal, our managing team brings with them uncompromising attention to every detail of your business.

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