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CRESITTEL is a global Company that was founded in October 2009.

CRESITTEL offers consulting, planning, implementation, and management services for every stage of network and software development worldwide and having its HQ in Cambodia and affiliated companies in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Cyprus. It's professional services organization consists of a worldwide team of specialists mandated to help optimize your investments, maximize your revenue generation, and shorten your time to market for new and innovative services.

CRESITTEL provides project management expertise (including realistic scoping and risk management), as well as manpower and resources to assure the solution implement on time.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and set new performance standards by investing in the future of our clients and seek knowledge and innovation in order to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

We strive to bring you a wide range of IT services and products that are already available or becoming available in the world.

Networking experts are expatriates staff, with minimum 10 years’ working experience with CISCO routers in various ISPs and Telecom Operators.

Our support team contributes enormously to success by providing the best service when our customers need help.

Every member of our support team is a valuable asset to our company and available 24*7.

  • System integration (worldwide)
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • After-sales support and maintenance
  • Network Security configuration
  • Amdocs NBU Convergent Billing System
  • Comverse Convergent Solution
  • RedKnee